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This winter, Manchester is proud to announce a new and exciting charity fashion collaboration ‘The Empty Shop’.

‘Donate. Style-up. Empty’

Coming to the UK for the first time, January 2014 will see an award winning open source project brought to us by Homeless charity Mustard Tree, Clarke Gough and Manchester Arndale. This innovative fashion and charity project will create a greater awareness of homelessness in the Manchester area.

“The Empty Shop’ will stand proud within Manchester Arndale for a ten day period. With this amazing concept, we will see the general public donate pre-loved clothes to fill up the Empty Shop. Fashion bloggers, Stylists and fashion faces will be transforming the store with show stopping looks made from the donations. Every evening the store is emptied and the clothes go onto help those in need this winter. Then the next day, we start over again!”

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Colliers Global Retail Trends Report 2013: Highlights and Key Insights for the Future of Retail.

This report for any retailer operating in modern markets, and particularly dealing with international companies, was a key read. Many interesting points about how retail rents in South East Asian shopping hot spots continue to rise and the influx of flagship stores moving to Shanghai. For inspiration for your own store and to be more clued up we do suggest reading it. However, we are aiming to focus our summary of the report on the parts we see relevant to our sort of clients who are based in the UK and require our shop fitting services there.

According to this map, retail rents in the key shopping streets in major UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds have seen a drop in retail rents. This is true of all UK cities apart from London, where the rent on Bond Street on average has rocketed up 14% on last year’s figures.

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How your shop fitting sculpts the shopper’s perception.

It’s no secret, shop owners know it, suppliers know it, the architects know it and EVEN the shoppers know it. The presentation of a shop moulds the customer experience in every sense. The fixtures and fittings in a retail space lead the shopper to conclusions very quickly, leading to a potential interest or disinterest. Hence why the environment you create is so crucial.

Therefore, what is paramount here is understanding how the individual interacts with their surroundings in a typical retail environment. Architects study and revise continuously over complex plans to map how the foot fall will be directed around the furnishings. Shop fitters aim to make and fit features to such a specific detail, as it needs to fit with the overall shop ambience. All down to the fact that, shoppers are irrational creatures. The nature of desire is not one that weighs up the terms and conditions but looks to impressions, sentiments and senses. Therefore this is why we must consider all points of input for these messages.

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Clarke Gough are going to the Independent Retail Show 2013

Independent Retail Show

Clarke Gough attend the Independent Retail Show

Clarke Gough are thrilled to announce that we will be at the Independent Retail Show 2013. The Independent Retail Show has moved to Manchester and is being held in Event City, the third biggest venue in the UK!

The Independent Retail Show will be running on 6th and 7th of October. The show supports independent retailers around the country. Showcasing the latest services, products and innovations available to drive business results.
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